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I had a great interview with Keerthana Jagadeeshaiah where she elaborated her hurdles, views, and experiences in a career in Digital Marketing. She is a great digital marketer specialized in SEO (Search engine optimization) and Facebook & Google Ads. Keerthana is a perfect example of adapting and changing her field of work from an engineer to a digital marketer. Her journey is remarkable and nonetheless a roller coaster. She has grown herself up as a personal brand, everyone will always remember her Digital marketing journey in a unique way.

I had conducted a text-based interview where I asked some questions from her related to Digital Marketing as a career and the interview outline is as follows:

Stuti Agarwal: Hi Keerthana, How are you doing?

Keerthana: I am good, Thanks for asking! 🙂

Stuti Agarwal: What do you think Digital marketing is?

Keerthana: According to me, Digital Marketing is nothing but showing the right message to the right person at the right time on digital platforms via digital methods.

Stuti Agarwal: Great answer, so how can you distinguish it from the word marketing?

Keerthana: Digital Marketing is different than just marketing because it doesn’t involve customization, and digital marketing is all about giving that personalizing touch to your marketing efforts.

Stuti Agarwal: Well said Keerthana, Can you describe your journey as a digital marketer in short?

Keerthana: Yes sure, I am an engineer by qualifications and I didn’t know a word about Digital Marketing but I wanted to explore something for my career and it all started with DDIP. After that everything has been changed. I got more clarity about my future and So far so good! I am happy with my decision for changing my career to the Digital Marketing field because I don’t think Digital Marketing has just a Job but it has now become my passion.

Stuti Agarwal: Wow, that’s really great; everyone should follow their passion! :). But Do you believe that digital marketing is the safest career?

Keerthana: According to me, None of the fields is considered to be the safest career. It’s actually a myth. One needs to constantly upgrade their skills and the changes according to the world or environment as soon as possible. Work Hard but Act Smart!

Stuti Agarwal: Ya! That’s really true Keerthana, So please tell me what were the challenges you faced to grow up as a great digital marketer?

Keerthana: As you know, as soon as we search for the term Digital Marketing on the internet, there are so many resources out available there. It’s actually overwhelming. I used to read few blogs, watch YouTube channels, get information from here and there but nothing could actually answer my basic questions and queries or nothing felt me satisfied with my learning journey. So I highly recommend people to learn from a mentor who has already been in the field and has experience in the same.

Stuti Agarwal: Glad to know that you make your hurdles your strength and never discourage yourself in the journey. So According to you, how can we compete as digital marketer in this competitive world?

Keerthana: Well, the only answer to this question is you yourself should become your first customer. Before pitching a client for website designing, design your own websites and show your capabilities. Again before pitching a client for SEO services, operate your own website, follow best SEO practices, obtain results for yourself and show your capabilities to the world. This is the proven method to stand out from the competition and I follow this activity always.

Stuti Agarwal: Amazing I absolutely agree with you. Accordingly, How much effort and time would it have taken to be listed on google’s first page for the first time?

Keerthana: Ahh! for me it just took 3 hours to rank on google’s top page. While for some it might take 10 seconds or for some, it might take months. It depends on the nature of the niche they have and the strategies they make. What I usually do is focus only on Long tail keywords which have a decent amount of search volume and less competence in nature.

Stuti Agarwal: Ahh that’s lovely! Your work really amazed me. Have you read any marketing or business-related books? If yes, then which book would you recommend to read and why?

Keerthana: Frankly speaking I haven’t read any marketing book as of now. But planning to read in near future. I have read-only “Edge of sanity” by Deepak Kanakaraju. I have handwritten notes from DDIP( Internship Program). It acts as a bible for me for marketing.

Stuti Agarwal: Appreciable Keerthana. Final question….. According to you What practices should we opt to enhance our personal brand?

Keerthana: The best mantra to enhance the value of your personal brand is “Be real & Be you! Don’t try to pretend something which you are actually not. Genuinely provide solutions to the problems of people and always think from the mind of your audience.

Stuti Agarwal: Yes you are right Keerthana! It was a really great interview with you and thank you for giving your valuable time and sharing remarkable things.