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How does Marketing always rule the world?

Marketing- what you understand from this?

Do you think this is a new phenomenon of modernized industry trends? Or is it having a connection with our day-to-day workings?

Does marketing give the immediate ROI?

Why is it necessary to invest time and energy in learning marketing?

Are you also having these questions in your mind?

Why is Marketing everywhere?

Why it is said that marketing is the area which rules the world?

Then don’t worry you will be diving into the ocean of marketing in the article where you will learn about:

1.  Law of marketing 

2. Traditional v/s Digital marketing

3.  Mass trust Blueprint

4. CATT marketing funnel

5. Importance of communication skills

6.  Integrated digital marketing


Marketing is a subject that has a long shelf life because it is rooted in human psychology as no technology or any computer can create relations with humans or made conversation with a human or can never understand markets and can never be replaced or obsolete,

It existed 1000 years before, it exists in the era of 21st century and it will be exited after 1000 years as well.

Marketing is a part of almost every minute of our lives.

Do you remember those childhood days when we go to school and used to see our friends stationary and always demand the same from our parents after coming home, now you must be thinking what the relation of in this is and marketing!

This was also a kind of marketing where marketers need to know what makes kids tick, what their wants are, and how to make a perception of their products in kid’s minds.

Marketing is not a battle of products; it’s a battle of perceptions

Every prospect or consumer is having a different mindset and different perception related to a product or service so create an appealing image in the mind of the target audience.

There’s a lot to know more about this enticing subject so are you ready to fall into the learning? Just begin with the law of marketing;


From a general perspective, marketing refers to an action or activity of a company associated with buying and selling a product or service but when we go deep down into the concept, marketing is much as it is based on science, not creativity.

As marketing involves the creative arts- storytelling, moving films, emotional messages but what makes it based on science rather than creativity?

 Have you ever thought about it?

So here’s the answer, the aim of marketing is to reduce the need for selling and to make more focus on understanding the consumers very well.

Marketing starts before creating the product, as it is related to the study of customers, market, and trends to find the “one move” that works and to create a product that fits.

If your product is right and according to the need of the consumers then by the end of the day Word of Mouth is going to be the biggest asset and you don’t have to be a great marketer and your product is going to sell superfluous because it starts selling by itself.

According to the law of leadership of marketing, do not be the number one but be the only one in your category.

Choose your niche and become a leader in that because it’s much easier to get into the mind first than to try to convince someone you have a better product than the one who got there first.

For Example: when we have to search for something, we always get the name of GOOGLE as a search engine. OR if we think about Cold-drinks (cold beverages) Coca-Cola comes into our mind as COLA.

Being the only one doesn’t mean that every first is going to be successful as before Google there was Yahoo but Google understood the new trend and need and becomes the only one now in its category.

And if you can’t be a leader in a category so enter into a competitive market and become a leader in a sub-category which means have a unique angle of the picture.

For example: When we think about the luxurious safest cars, Volvo comes to our mind – it enters into the luxurious cars segment but with a sub-niche.

 The brand owners that succeed are those who recognized marketing as a science much.

As the technologies are changing, so the marketing is. Today’s world is moving digital so why not the marketing as well!. Marketing is distinguished between two modes:


Difference between Traditional Marketing and Modernized (digital) Marketing

Traditional marketing is held for several years and still exists, it involves the use of conventional marketing channels for promoting products, and the most common channels used are television, radio, magazine, billboards, newspapers, flyers.

It helps the company to reach out to an audience spread over a specific geographical region and if a product is generic with a wide targeting so TV ads can reach millions at a low cost.

But if products are promoted on different mediums of traditional Platform and companies are getting enough target audience so what was a need to do Digital Marketing?

 Well, we all know an increasing number of people are entering the digital environment for searching and buying products or services and technology is transforming choice & choice is transforming the marketplace.

Thus, businesses feel the need to adopt digital marketing tools and fulfill the changing needs of customers.

Component of digital Marketing

Digital marketing involves various types of technologies such as:

Website marketing, SEO, Social media marketing, Email marketing, Search engine marketing to promote and advertise products and services.

Also, digital marketing overcome the barrier of traditional marketing such as;

1.   Traditional Platform cannot do Deep Marketing which is done in digital

2.   In digital marketing, companies can personalize the communication with the prospect and consumers.

3. Its cannot be able to do Natural Sales.

And just like these, there are many more points overcome by digital marketing but in this area, the most important thing is to build trust, let’s have a look at what trust is and how it is built.


Today, the important thing is to keep the customer happy by communicating with them so that they can remain a customer for life.

It is necessary to build trust among the people especially in the target audience but you know what is the scarce resource in the area of marketing?

  I have an answer to this; the scarce resource out there is trust. Yes, you read right, it’s trust!

Let’s take an example –

Everyone who needs to go from one place to another, book a cab say uber, and take a ride. Now Uber is an online service and without trusting it, could we avail the service they are offering, the obvious answer is No.

It is the foremost area in any business or field especially in marketing to build a MASS TRUST and here is the blueprint of the same;

Mass-trust blueprint to create authority

Now, if we want to do effective and planned marketing so for that have to make a funnel strategy:


Let’s take a dip into the interesting funnel framework;


This is a CATT marketing funnel framework


 (n)  NICHE– Your success and wealth depend on the niche you choose. Niche is a critical criterion on which your whole work would depend. This is the unique sub-category of your market which helps you to distinguish from others.

For instance, in college/ school there are many faculties who taught different area subjects, the economics professor would not be able to teach marketing until and unless they specialized in both the fields because they had chosen their niche in a particular area. 


You should choose a niche with the combination of your talent, market, and passion.

Choose a sub-category ((Niche) in your area

  The marketer’s crown is content, a crown that seldom king enjoy. After selecting a    niche, the next step is to look at Content creation; content is a message according to your niche which you want to convey to your audience. Make useful and attractive content in the form of blog posts, videos, lead magnets, live webinars, etc.

(A)   ATTENTION-   Your content is useless until it doesn’t grab the attention of an audience for whom you have created it. So after creating it works on driving attention (traffic) using SEO, Paid ads, referrals, Email Marketing.

      (T)   TRUST-  As described above, how much trust-building is so important so when you get attention on your content, try to build trust with your target audience with Marketing automation, Re-targeting, Deep marketing.

     (T)  TRANSACTION-  This is the last step in the CATT funnel but not the least because until your lead would get converted into sales, there is no such benefit of all the above, So convert your leads into customers with the Natural sales method.


Guys, I must say, if you are reading this article till this point then you are a good reader and listener and this is the quality of a good communicator, as because if you are not a good communicator then it would be probably difficult for you to lead in marketing.

Now you must be thinking, how communication skills are interlinked with marketing?

Actually, Good marketing is all about good communication and good communication is not at all related to sophisticated English, it is about conveying power to your audience that how willingly you are able to convey your views, ideas, services, offerings in the market and how willingly your audience is able to communicate with you freely over sites or any platform.

Good Communication skills always helps you in marketing and building your personal brand

For instance- If you have noticed my article from the beginning then you also perceive that I didn’t use very much sophisticated English, I write like I talk so that my target audience read it with the flow and can understand what I want to convey and there is no use of content until and unless there is no good communication and if you are still reading and understood till this point then my motive of this blogging has been accomplished somewhere.

So in simple Communication skills means conveying your ideas in that way in which your audience would be able to understand and there is no much connection with English or any language.

Communication is just communication.


Be a brand (Personal branding)

What personal branding is?

Is it related to promoting yourself?

Is it really a need today?

So just take a dip in knowing what a personal brand is and how important it is not only in marketing but in any field.

Personal branding is the new key in the town, gone are the days where only companies needed to have a good brand, in today’s era you have to create your brand and you have to be the CEO of ‘Brand You’.

Branding is what people say about you when you are not in the room and basically personal brand is how you promote yourself.

Everyone wants that their identity, skills, knowledge would differentiate them from others, so don’t you?

Personal branding makes one stand out and break out of the clutter and gives recognition in terms of their own identity.

Personal branding becomes so important these days because this 21st century is so competitive in which if people would not stand out then the world will leave them behind and everyone’s competing for jobs, promotions, clients, and business so if you want to become distinct and excel in these areas then you need to create your personal brand.

A personal brand cannot be sold and can help increase your reputation as a leader or an influencer in your niche area.

FOR INSTANCE If I take the name Tata group, so who comes to your mind first? Obviously ‘Ratan Tata’ and why does he come? Ever thought?
Because he has created his own brand which means people know him first by his deeds and skills than after the chairman of Tata group.

Now the question arises how to create or evolve your personal brand? Don’t worry I have a working plan!isn’t great?

Personal branding follows the same blueprint which I mentioned in the above section ‘mass trust’, as because until you create trust among your audience you would not be able to create your personal brand.

So just have a look at the below section.

Learn-To excels in something you have to learn new skills through concepts, facts, and procedures. The simple way is to understand the concepts, remember the facts and practice the procedures.

Work– You cannot become a master until you practice into it and from here implementation comes. You have to implement your learning in real-world situations.

Blog– Setup your website and start blogging about your work and your niche area, blogging is a never an outdated thing, and without writing you can never build your personal brand.

Consult– As you learned the fundamentals in your niche, have working experience so for enhancing your personal brand start consulting and giving suggestions to other businesses or in any area you lie.

Mentor– Mentoring is an exercise that takes you to another level so at this point start teaching people who want to become like you or want a related career like you.

For example-Suppose you found your niche in the health sector, so first you would want to go in-depth of its fundamental and then start working on it after you have to start blogging on the same area which you choose and when you will gain such an experience you should go for consulting and teaching others on the same niche.

Startup– And the next way is a startup, create your own product or services with all the concepts you have evolved over time.

And the personal branding blueprint is a circle way because learning is an ongoing process and with the changing environment, a person has to enlarge themselves.

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 So we got to know about digital marketing, but this phenomenon is having an integrated framework where all the components of digital marketing work in a way that complements each other.

It is an art that draws a unique pattern of digital marketing methods.

Some of the common components of digital marketing are;

1.       Email marketing

2.       Search engine marketing (PPC)

3.       Content marketing

4.       Search engine optimization(organic traffic)

5.       Digital display marketing

6.       Website marketing

7.       Social media marketing

Integrated digital marketing framework includes content as the main ingredient as you read above as well, content is the king or the leader and other digital methods are the members of the kingdom supporting each other and are the strengths.

This integration produces a result which is more than a sum of an individual component.

Integrated Digital Marketing Framework

Just don”t only focus on only one channel, either integrate all the components to get effective results, which means just don’t only do SEO, Paid advertising instead make the content a central focus and drive traffic to your content through other components and make a benefit of all.

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This article was all about marketing where you got to know the basic fundamentals of it.

Whereas, continued with a difference between digital and traditional marketing to the end of personal branding and integration of digital components.

Hope this article has widened your perception regarding marketing and its working,

So if you find it useful and cool then please leave a comment in the section below and don’t hesitate to ask if you find any difficulty in understanding any of the concepts.

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