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Hey! Stuti here, I welcome you to my about page and glad you checked my website. I am a passionate Digital Marketer, Blogger, Writer and Classical Vocalist. This is my promise that you will definitely take beautiful insights from my website before leaving. Happy Learning!


Are you tired of getting leads for your business in spite of doing many efforts or are you facing problems to grow your personal brand?

So don’t worry from now on as I help Startups, Professionals, and Businesses to boost up their attention, engagement, sales via digital tools and services (Don’t forget to check it out) along I provide a Digital marketing funnel framework as integrated marketing which helps you to grow faster in your area.

I do also write articles on digital marketing concepts, self-help motivation, and music which you can check in the blog section.

  • WEB DESIGN 70% 70%
  • FB AND GOOGLE ADS 75% 75%
  • INTEGRATION 80% 80%


To help 100+ Startups, Business and Professionals ( including Nutritionists, advocates, CA/CS), Educational Institutes by Sales / Marketing Funnel, and Digital Marketing services to enhance their Market attention, Sales and Reach to the target audience in the digital platform.

Also, Help People who want to start something of their own in recognizing their Niche so that they can grow in the direction of their Interests, Passion, and Talent.  My also aim is to teach how to become a published author and Market themselves.



Having a code of conduct in our life makes our work more efficient and gives us a purpose of achieving those values in our work as well as in our personal life and I am a deep believer in the fact that “Integrity always pays off “. Here are my 3 core values that I always try to apply in my work.


My motive remains in life is to work with Determination and Careful Efforts. Moreover I always try to get projects done in the definite given time i.e. Energetic Efforts.


 We always heard Honesty is the best policy but few turns on this step. I always try to add decency in my work and have a motive to deliver honest and moral behaviour with my work.


To be consistent is quite Hard but not impossible and if we really want to achieve anything in life so we have to remain consistent, and this same formula I always try to apply in my work. Being consistent is also means to adherence the principles in steadfast way.

How Can I help you?

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As you came from all sides, I hope you have checked my about page curiously and I thank you for that.

I am Stuti Agarwal from Uttar Pradesh, India Post graduated in Marketing.

There is the story behind my digital marketing career and I want to share it with you.

What we think doesn’t happen sometimes and that’s the beauty of our life, we have a different page written by the god for our good-being. and the same happens with me too. I was an ordinary person who never dreamed big about achieving something and was poor to an average student by the time of school, But I always had a passion for singing and wanted to learn; However, God’s plan is more beautiful than ours. Due to some circumstances I wasn’t able to be trained as a classical singer.

As time passed I graduated in 2018 with the subject of Business administration studies because Business management was the only subject I liked in my school time and got the highest marks among all. Even though I was not clear with my future goals and what to do in my career. As many of my friends preferred a job over the business but I was pretty sure that I will be an entrepreneur, still HOW? was with me. I finished college and was so confused with the decision of what to pursue next as my vision was never to be cleared from childhood. But again I will say what happens is always have a reason

I chose to pursue MBA in marketing but just for the study, I did not know that choosing Marketing at random will change my career and give a purpose to it. Along with Mba, I completed My french language study from Alliance Francaise and also started learning classical music, which was the only thing I wanted to learn since childhood. But still, there was a question that after MBA how will I make a financial career as there was no goal setup and I didn’t want to go for a job.

In 2020, I also completed my Mba and wasted 2 months without doing any work. But from Oct 2020, I decided to set my vision and prepare a mission for it.

I noted down the subjects i studied and which creates a happiness to my mind and marketing was the one that i always thought as creative and I have also chosen digital marketing in MBA as a subject and that was the area that forced me to do something that attracts me and where I find peace. 

After completion of Post-graduation, I decided to start a blog, learned Digital marketing from various certified sources in the country, and still learning & practicing because somehow I started believing that learning is an ongoing process and moreover, you have to believe in yourself so that others will also do. 

Now I am A classical vocalist apprentice which has been my passion since childhood and along passion i followed the area that attracts me and I became a  T- Shaped Digital Marketer, and also was so motivated to do something extra valuable anyhow so I have also written a book titled as ” Discover the original you” which I am going to publish soon.

I want to thank you for remaining intact till the last of this page, reading my About story, and visiting my website.

I hope I can also deliver you the best for your career and growth in the form of my services because I value those passionate eyes which really want to be viewed and recognized.

So, Would you like to start a Project with me?


Let’s Connect at a meeting! Book a Consultation Call where I am gonna analyze your business layout and problems might be you are facing along with that I will dictate my Service plan which I am gonna provide you.

Stuti is a Digital Marketer, Writer, Blogger, Consultant who helps Startups, Professionals, and Businesses to increase their reach over different platforms, Boost up sales and create a marketing funnel. She also writes Blogs on different topics, Read to get more insights.